Tina (aerobics instructor)
Tina, played by Victoria Carroll, is the owner and head aerobics instructor where Janet volunteers part-time in the episode "Janet Shapes Up".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Body type: Shapely
Aerobics instructor/Fitness center owner
Lovely fitness spa owner who that promises Janet, who voluntarily instructs an Aerobics class, a permanent paid position at the spa, but only if she introduces her to Jack, who she has designs on...
Character information
Appeared on: Appearance on Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: in the episode "Janet Shapes Up" in Season 8
Character played by: Victoria Carroll
Three's Company Script

Tina was the head aerobics instructor and owner of the fitness gym which Janet works out regularly, and where Janet also starts to part-time as an aerobics instructor in the Three's Company episode titled "Janet Shapes Up". Tina was played by actress Victoria Carroll, who is also married to veteran voice and character actor Michael Bell, who also made two guest appearances on the series.

About TinaEdit

Tina, who has her eyes set on Jack the moment he appears at the gym, gets to meet him through the roommates; the only problem being is that the Jack-hungry Tina neglects to tell him about her muscular boyfriend who also works out at there, but was out of town at the time.  Tina gives the impression/blackmails Jack into taking her out or else Janet may lose her part-time job. Eventhough Jack thinks of breaking it off with Tina, he is fearful of Janet's reaction, especially when Janet is let go from the flower shop and becomes a full-time paid instructor.

Things really hit the fan when Jack, who reluctantly had went out with Tina 3 nights in a row, listens to the advice of Larry, who himself tries to hit on Tina, tries to come on to Tina strongly, thinking that she is turned off by guys who come on too strong, he then gets threatened by her hulky boyfriend, who is now back in town and and then shows up to work at the gym, only to get saved by Janet, who persuade Tina's boyfriend by saying "do you really think Tina would cheat on you with a puny wimp like him (Jack)"!  In which Tina and Jack play off the idea as well.

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