The Ropers (title screen)

This guide lists the six episodes of the first season of The Ropers, series, which premiered on ABC-TV on March 13, 1979. A spinoff of Three's Company, the show was based on the UK series George and Mildred, which itself was spun off of the inspiration for Three's Company, Man About The House, which also appeared on Thames TV in the UK.

Season summary

Like its parent series, Three's Company, The Ropers was introduced as late season replacement series in the spring of 1979 on the same night as Three's Company on ABC's successful Tuesday night lineup, airing at 10pm. In its first season, the ratings for the show were quite high, finishing at #8 for the 1978-79 season, the second-highest series premiere rating at the time. After the season premiere, when Three's Company went on hiatus, The Ropers still did well. ABC reran the episodes over the summer sweeps period that year (in August on Sundays) where they continued to achieve high ratings.

  •  = Overall episode number
  • Ep = Episode number by season

Season 1: 1979

Season Nº# Episode# Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
1 1 "Moving On" Dave Powers Brian Cooke,

Johnnie Mortimer

13 March 1979
Helen bugs Stanley into finally looking for a new house. Stanley, however, wants to rent a mobile home. 
2 2 "Friends and Neighbors" Dave Powers Brian Cooke,

Johnnie Mortimer

20 March 1979
Stanley embarrasses Helen when he locks himself outside of their house in nothing but underwear while she's attending a posh party next door. 
3 3 "Your Money or Your Life" Dave Powers Brian Cooke,

Johnnie Mortimer

27 March 1979
Stanley thinks he's dying when results from his doctor don't come right away. 
4 4 "The Doris Letters" Dave Powers Brian Cooke,

Johnnie Mortimer

3 April 1979
Helen thinks Stanley needs help and takes him to a marriage counselor after she finds many love letters from him, which turn out were for Doris Day. 
5 5 "The Family Planning" Dave Powers Brian Cooke,

Johnnie Mortimer

10 April 1979
Stanley gets upset when Helen's mother and sister Ethel visit and he thinks that her mother has plans to stay with them — permanently! 
6 6 "Opportunity Knocks" Dave Powers Brian Cooke,

Johnnie Mortimer

17 April 1979
Larry visits and tries to sell them a mobile home. This idea excites Mr. Roper and the always devious Jeffrey. Stanley almost buys it without telling Helen.