"The Loan Shark"
Season Four, Episode #10
#63 in Series
Series: Three's Company
Network/Country: ABC-TV / USA
Air date November 20, 1979
Production code
Written by Mark Tuttle
Directed by: Dave Powers
IMDB The Loan Shark
Cast Information
Starring: John Ritter
Joyce DeWitt
Suzanne Somers
Don Knotts
Guest starring: Keene Curtis ... as Harold J. Stone as Bernie Bustamente ...
Livia Ginese as Lucia Bustamente
Hope Clarke
Mickey Morton ... as Floyd
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Chrissy's Hospitality The Love Barge
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The Loan Shark is the tenth episode of Season Four of Three's Company and the 63rd overall episode of the series.

Plot summaryEdit

Chrissy misplaces the mail which included a check to Jack that he needs to pay his tuition. Jack is angry so Chrissy borrows the money from someone at work known as a loan shark. Jack tries to return the money but the "shark tells him he'll have to pay the interest anyway. After the "shark" learns that Jack is a chef, he offers to trade the interest owed for cooking lessons for his wife. The wife is a young, beautiful, woman who wants Jack more than she wants to learn to cook. Jack runs to Furley's apartment to prepare the food and leaves the wife in Chrissy's care. The "shark" arrives just in tine to see his wife kissing Jack. The wife saves the day by telling her husband that she was only kissing Jack to congratulate him because he and Chrissy are expecting a baby.

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