The Jewel Thieves
Rita and Tony Jewel Thieves
Jewel theives Rita and Tony in the Season 6 episode of "Three's Company" titled "Diamond Jack".
Personal Information
Gender: Female (Rita) and Male (Tony)
Jewel thieves who hold the roommates hostage at the apartment after discovering that Jack, who was awaiting a call from the real blind date arranged by Larry, named Sally and who she wound up meeting at a nearby roller rink, who she mistakenly called, was a wrong number
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Diamond Jack" in Season 6
Character played by: Tori Lysdahl as "Rita"
Antony Ponzini as "Tony"
Three's Company Script

Two Jewel Thieves, "Rita" and "Tony", who were trying to fence some expensive diamonds, hold up the roommates as hostages in the Season 6 episode of Three's Company titled "Diamond Jack". The part of the thieves is played by Antony Ponzini, who plays "Tony", and Tori Lysdahl, who makes her second appearance on the series as "Rita". Tori previously appeared in the Season 4 episode "Mighty Mouth" as Shirley.

About the Jewel thievesEdit

When Jack expects a call from a blind date that Larry has arranged. an attractive brunette woman, who is a jewel thief, calls Jack's number by mistake and leaves a message on their new answering machine, giving a description of her looks and what she would be wearing, a black leotard, and asks him to meet her at the Venice Roller Rink. Jack meets her, and, thinking that Jack is a fence, the jewel thief Rita slips a pouch of "hot" diamonds in his pocket and sets a date to meet him at his place later that evening. Jack, then, thinking that the girl who called him on the phone was his blind date, the real blind date named Sally, obliges her and meets her at the rink, although he can't skate! The roommates discover the diamonds just before Rita and her partner Tony arrive at the apartment demanding their money. The trio pretends to go along with the scheme while devising a plan to escape, but not before the cops come to arrest them all, including the trio!

The lovely brunette Rita, which Jack mistook for the blind date, Sally on the phone, was actually the wrong number, was not the intended blind date, but he only succeeds in being arrested as well, as well as Janet and Terri, who the police mistook for "groupies"! When Larry, by happenstance, drops by the apartment, the cops, to foil the attempt of the thieves, who dropped by the apartment demanding their fence money by gunpoint, Jack, who tells the police that Larry can vouch for him, laments to Larry "about that blind date you set me up with!" When Larry took one look at the lovely, buxom brunette Rita, he confirmed that that wasn't the girl he set him up with when he says "You'd think I'd turn down a girl like that?!" The thieves apparently help the police sort things out at the police station, when "Rita" supposedly said to the arresting officers "That dumb punk (Jack) is innocent!"

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