"The Harder They Fall"
Season Three, Episode #18
#49 in Series
TC Episode 3x18 - Jack's Broken Leg
Janet's date with Gregg Halliday, a man she met at the flower shop, is interrupted by Chrissy and Jack who broke his leg accidentally in "The Harder They Fall" in Season 3.
Series: Three's Company
Network/Country: ABC-TV / USA
Air date February 20, 1979
Production code 0317
Written by Al Gordon, Jack Mendelsohn, Susan Sisko
Directed by: Dave Powers
IMDB IMDb logo The Harder They Fall
Cast Information
Starring: John Ritter
Joyce DeWitt (credit only)
Suzanne Somers
Norman Fell
Audra Lindley
Guest stars: Rod Gregg Halliday
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The Harder They Fall is the 18th episode of Season 3 of Three's Company, as well as the 49th overall episode in the series. Directed by Al Gordon, the episode, which was written by Jack Mendelsohn and Susan Sisko, originally aired on ABC-TV on February 20, 1979.


Janet invites an attractive man named Greg (Rod McCrary) to the apartment expecting that they will be alone, but to her surprise, she finds Jack and Chrissy in the bedroom.

Plot summary

Hoping to woo and win flower-shop patron Gregg (Rod McCary), Janet invites him to the apartment. Upon arriving, Janet and Gregg find Jack (John Ritter) and Chrissy in the same bed. No, it isn't what it looks like; it seems that Jack has a broken leg and Chrissy is tending to him. But Janet's date is ruined, and she is definitely not in a forgiving mood as Gregg, assuming that Janet invited him up to the apartment with the pretense of going to bed with him on the first date, as he, upset over all the interruptions between Jack, who was being nursed by Chrissy after he broke his leg accidentally, and Mr. Roper coming up complaining about all the noise upstairs, and then he thinking that Gregg is a lawyer, offering money for Jack not to sue him, storms out of the apartment! Originally scheduled to air on Tuesday, January 30, 1979, this episode was given a rare Thursday-night showing on February 15 of that same year.