Susan Walters
Susan Wallace
Susan Wallace (Loni Anderson) was a man-juggling old stewardess flame of Jack's who appears in the Season 2 "Three's Company" episode titled "Coffee, Tea, or Jack?".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Platinum blonde
Body type: Buxom
Character information
Appeared on: Appearance on Three's Company in the episode titled "Coffee, Tea, or Jack" in Season 2
Character played by: Loni Anderson
Three's Company Script

Susan Walters was a stewardess and an old flame of Jack's who appears in the episode titled "Coffee, Tea, or Jack",  the final episode aired in Season 2 of Three's Company. Susan was played by Loni Anderson, who is best known for her role as secretary Jennifer Marlowe on the CBS-TV series WKRP in Cincinnati.

About Susan and JackEdit

Susan is what could be described as a "jet-set minded, maneater", a type of woman who juggles, wines and dines and seduces men in each city which she has flight layovers in; Jack, who describes her to Janet and Chrissy, says that he was Susan's "L.A. Connection"! He goes on to say that at times when she was around, he would have trouble sleeping at night, couldn't eat right, and had headaches and nausea, obsessively thinking about the buxom blonde beauty. Wnen asked by the roommates, "Why didn't you stop seeing her?", he answered "What? and feel miserable?"

When Susan arrives in town briefly to while on a layover to briefly rekindle their one-time romance, the same  romantic sparks fly between them; the two couldn't keep their hands off each other! Janet originally devises a plan to use Chrissy as a temptress to pry the infatuated Jack away from Susan; when that backfires, they must devise another plan to rid Jack of the promiscuous stewardess. When Jack and Susan are supposed to meet at The Regal Beagle, it turns out that Susan is still up to her old ways, meeting an airline pilot flame at the pub, when Jack was under the impression she just wanted to meet him there. To scare the still tempting Susan away, the three devise another plan to scare her off by getting her to think that Jack is in love with her and wants to wed her, which turns out to be the right choice!

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