Tori Lysdahl TC
Lovely brunette actress Tori Lysdahl, as Shirley on Three's Company.
Personal Information
Height 5'8"
Body type: Shapely
comely fitness instructor at brother's gym, Harvey's Health Spa
date/friend of Jack's who sees him against the wishes of overprotective brother Harvey
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company in guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: in the episode "Mighty Mouth" in Season 4
Character played by: Tori Lysdahl
Three's Company Script

Shirley was a girlfriend Jack tries to impress in the episode titled "Mighty Mouth" (Season 4, episode #16) on Three's Company. the part of Shirley is played by actress Tori Lysdahl, who also makes an appearance as jewel thief Rita in the Season 7 episode "Diamond Jack".

About ShirleyEdit

Shirley works at her brother Harvey's Health Spa where Janet and Chrissy work out. After the roommates insisted Jack try working out at the gym, Shirley develops a real crush on him. When his muscles tighten up after trying to work out the next morning to where he can barely walk without pain, Shirley stops by the apartment. Glad to see Jack alone, she hugs him, much to his painful chagrin! Both have to hide from the overprotective, muscular Harvey, who drops by for lunch with Janet and Chrissy and is always on Shirley about her dates!

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