Mr. Hadley and Sheila
Sheila and Mr. Hadley in "compromising situation"
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 125-135 lbs.
Hair Color: Auburn
Measurements: 36-26-36
fellow secretary in law office where Cindy works
Gets caught with Mr. Hadley, Cindy's boss, by Jack, who tries to persuade him to give Cindy her job back after helping to get her fired inadvertantly
Domestic partner(s): Charles Hadley (companion)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Jack to the Rescue"
Character played by: Amy Nachbar
Three's Company Script

Sheila is a character who appears in the Season 5 episode of Three's Company titled "Jack to the Rescue". The part of Sheila is played by Amy Nachbar.

About SheilaEdit

After his telling off of Cindy's boss, Mr. Hadley, by telling him to run his own errands, which causes Mr. Hadley to fire Cindy, Jack tries to amend for his meddling in Cindy's job situation by returning to the office to try to persuade Hadley into hiring her back, only to catch Hadley, who is married,"giving dictation", so to speak, with the lovely Sheila, whom he himself, upon returning to the office tries to make a pass at!

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