Sandra DeBruin
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Sandra DeBruin appears as Chloe, a buxom recent hire promoted to supervisor at the flower shop where Janet works in the Three's Company episode titled "Janet's Promotion".
Personal Information
Also known as: Sandy DeBruin
Born: (1939-04-21) 21 April 1939 (age 79)
Birthplace: Denver, Colorado
Career/Family Information
Actress/Author and acting coach
Years active: 1970 to present
Character information
Appeared on: guest appearance on Three's Company
Character played: Chloe Stoutmeyer in the episode "Janet's Promotion" in Season 2
Three's Company Script

Sandra "Sandy" DeBruin (born 21 April 1939) appears as Chloe Stoutmeyer, a busty sales clerk apprentice, then hired temporary supervisor at the flower shop where Janet works in the episode of Three's Company titled "Janet's Promotion" in Season 2.


Sandra was a recurring cast member of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson in the popular "Mighty Carson Art Players" skits where Carson and a group of stock performers would act in scripted skits that spoofed news, movies, television shows, and commercials. Whenever Carson added a skit to a The Tonight Show episode, the "Mighty Carson Art Players" would be announced as guest stars.

In addition to her role on Three's Company much of her work over the years has been in guest roles in numerous TV series such as Quincy, M.E., Lou Grant, The Rockford Files, Emergency, Knots Landing, and Snoops. Sandra also appeared in the NBC made-for-TV sci-fi movie Return to Earth (1977).

De Bruin is also the creator of the bestselling Actor's Audition Log (published by Break-A-Leg Books), lauded by countless successful actors for their ability to record pertinent information throughout the audition process for future reference.

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