Rod Colbin
Rod Colbin Frances 1982
Rod Colbin as a judge in the 1982 film Frances.
Personal Information
Birth name: J.H. Lichtenstein
Also known as: Rodney Colbin
Born: (1923-11-23) November 23, 1923 (age 93)
Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut, U.S
Died February 4, 2007(2007-02-04) (aged 83)
Deathplace: Denver, Colorado, U.S. (stroke)
Career/Family Information
Actor, Fencing Instructor/Fight Director
Years active: 1952-1986
Character information
Appeared on: on Three's Company and The Ropers
Character played: Charles Hadley in "Jack to the Rescue" (Season 5)
Mr. Franklin in "Hearts and Flowers" (Season 6)
Hubert Armbrewster in four episodes of The Ropers
Three's Company Script

Rodney "Rod" Colbin (born J.H. Lichtenstein, December 23, 1923 - February 4, 2007) appeared on two episodes of Three's Company during the 5th and 6th seasons in different parts. He also appeared as Hubert Armbrewster, Helen Roper's brother-in-law, on the spinoff, The Ropers. A well respected character actor whose career spanned four decades, Rod was also a fencing instructor who, at one time, served as Katherine Hepburn's personal masseur.


Hollywood fencing InstructorEdit

Colbin, who was adept at the art of fencing, in addition to his work with Katherine Hepburn, also taught Marlon Brando and James Dean the finer points of fencing in the 1950's, at the beginning of his film/TV acting career.

Acting careerEdit

Rod won a Christian Academy Award for the best actor for his lead role in "John Hus" in 1977. Colbin appeared in numerous hit TV series in the 1970s and 1980s, including ABC-TV's Barney Miller, and Charlie's Angels, CBS's The Jeffersons, NBC-TV's Quincy M.E., and Little House on the Prairie.

Colbin also appeared in many films over the course of his career, which include such films as Yes, Giorgio, The Gumball Rally, Frances and Frankenstein's Aunt Tillie.

He was a fencing master and one of the founding members of the Society of American Fight Directors. He taught thesps including Jimmy Durante, Brando and Dean how to make their screen duels believable. On stage, he utilized his fencing talents in productions such as Cyrano de Bergerac and his own show, Swordplay.


Rod married Annemarie Polonyi on September 16, 1965; they divorced in 1978. They had two daughters, Shana Rebecca, and Kaila Johanna.


Colbin died in February 2007 in Denver, Colorado after a series of strokes. He was 83. Colbin was survived by his two daughters. two grandchildren and two sisters. [1][2]


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