Rev. Luther Snow
Reverend Snow
Reverend Snow (Peter Mark Richman), in scene from the Three's Company titled "The Reverend Steps Out"
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Pastor of Fresno Community Church in Fresno, California
Related to: Chrissy Snow (daughter)
Mrs. Luther Snow (wife)
Mr. Snow (brother)
Cindy Snow (niece)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company appearances in the episodes "Chrissy Come Home" (Season 2) "Triangle Troubles" (Season 3), and "The Reverend Steps Out" (Season 4)
Character played by: Peter Mark Richman
Three's Company Script

The Rev. Luther Snow is the father of roommate Chrissy Snow, who contemplated moving down from the community church he pastored in Fresno, California, to accept a position at the Santa Monica Community Church so that he and his wife could be closer to Chrissy and the roommates in the episode titled "The Reverend Steps Out", the final of three appearances on the show, but then decided to remain at the church he pastored in Fresno, where Chrissy was born and raised. Reverend Snow is played by veteran character actor Peter Mark Richman.

About Reverend Snow

A sometimes intrusive, but still caring sort, Rev. Snow, when offered to pastor the Community Church in Santa Monica, was initially concerned about what the selection committee would think of his daughter Chrissy living with a man and a woman in a nearby apartment; after initially asking Chrissy to move out and move in with him and her mother, Rev. Snow, the still loving father he is, decided that the happiness of his daughter, knowing that she has good friends that care about her in Janet and Jack, quickly and demonstratively rejects the committee's offer, although in his first appearance in the episode "Chrissy Come Home", he did not approve of their living arrangement.

An excellent orator, the reverend can deliver a quite fiery sermon, as demonstrated in the episode "Triangle Troubles", where he practices a sermon while Chrissy is vacuuming. In that same episode he gets Jack, who was dating a girl which was living with two guys, out a sticky situation when a date of Janet's poses the question "Reverend, do you believe it's okay for men and women to live together?" The reverend responds sarcastically, "Yes... but I also believe in the parting of the Red Sea!"