Ray Martin
Ray Martin
Ray Martin (Granville Van Dusen) in the episode "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" in Season 7.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Ex-convict who spent time in prison for the murder, which, actually was an accidental death of an old girlfriend who cheated on him
Character information
Appeared on: guest appearance on Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: in "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" in Season 7
Character played by: Granville Van Dusen
Three's Company Script

Ray Martin, a man who dated Terri Alden who spent time in prison for murder of an old girlfriend who was cheating on him, as it is accidentally found out by Mr. Furley and the roommates, appears in the Three's Company episode titled "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" in season 7. The part of Ray is played by stage and TV actor Granville Van Dusen.

About RayEdit

Ray, an ex-con, spent time in prison for the accidental murder of an old girlfriend who was cheating on him. When he meets Jack and Terri in the flower shop where Janet works. Jack tries to influence the dateless Terri to approach him, but she gets to meet him a little bit differently; Ray who is also allergic to bumblebees, gets stung by one. Just before passes out, he's able to warn them about his allergy, and they are able to revive him and save his life by giving him his shot that he is usually able to give to himself after getting stung.

Terri accompanies Ray to the hospital to make sure he is alright, on the way, they get to know one another better; he insists in then taking her out to a litte restaurant, before agreeing to drop her off at the apartment. After he leaves, Furley, while playing scrabble with Janet at his apartment, remembers his face from a murder/crime mystery magazine. He finally remembers his name; when asked by Janet, "You mean Ray's a detective?" he answers, "No! He's a Murderer!" he then realizes what he says and then panickingly gasps "Hes ...A..M..M..Murderer!?!"

Things really get crazy when Jack, who was preparing a special candlelight dinner for Ray and Terri, is asked by Ray if he could prepare a special dressing recipe he has for the salad that Jack prepared...Then, in a hilariously funny scene, the roommates fears, most particularly Jack's, gets out of control, when they mistakingly think that Ray is trying to poison Terri!!!

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