Rama Mageesh
Jack and Rama Guru
Michael Bell makes the first of two appearances on Three's Company as Rama Mageesh, a Hari Krishna type Guru/huckster in the episode "Chrissy and the Guru".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Hari Krishna-type huckster, cult leader and charlatan
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: in the Season 3 episode "Chrissy and the Guru"
Character played by: Michael Bell
Three's Company Script

Rama Mageesh was a charlatan, a Hari Krishna type huckster who had numerous followers, particularly pretty female ones, all of whom he encouraged to fork over "all of their worldy possesins" to; thus, to this end, Rama attempts to take advantage of Chrissy, whom he met at The Regal Beagle as did Jack, Janet and The Ropers while trying to fleece the patrons at the Beagle of "cash donations" in the third season episode titled "Chrissy and the Guru".

About Rama MageeshEdit

Played by character/animated voice actor Michael Bell, who was making his first of two appearances on the show, the lecherous Rama tries to make sexual advances on the seemingly but not yet brainwashed, but manipulated Chrissy when he visits the apartment, and manages to get her to fork over her savings, which was $300 before going to use the bathroom; when Jack and Janet confront  Chrissy and together they design a plan to get Chrissy's savings back and to expose the Rama as a fraud; Jack is then able to confront the Rama, who visits the apartment for a second time, in order to be alone with Chrissy. While Janet and Chrissy are in the other room, and they overhear him admitting to Jack that not only is he a fraud, but that he does manipulate his followers. Chrissy, playing along with the plan, is able to get Rama alone on the couch, and able to get close enough to him to get her money out of his purse before he leaves!!!

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