Nancy Winthrop
Nancy Winthrop
Lauree Berger as Nancy Winthrop on Three's Company.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Unmentioned, perhaps of a well to do family, a friend of Janet who began dating Jack
Related to: David Winthrop (brother)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company in guest appearance in the episode titled "Up in the Air" in Season 6
Character played by: Lauree Berger
Three's Company Script

Nancy Winthrop was the sister of David Winthrop (played by Barry Williams better known as Greg Brady of ABC-TV series The Brady Bunch) and a date/girlfriend of Jack, who invites Janet, who convices a tired and overworked Jack to go with her to a stuffy dinner party thrown by him and his family in the episode titled "Up in the Air" in Season 6. The part of Nancy is played by Lauree Berger.

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