Mrs. Tripper
Jack and Mom
Jack's mom (Georgann Johnson) and Jack (John Ritter) in scene from the "Three's Company" Season 7 episode titled "Extra, Extra".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Related to: Jack Tripper, Sr. (husband)
Jack Tripper (son)
Lee Tripper (son)
Fremont Tripper (brother in-law)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company (guest appearance in the episode "Extra, Extra" in Season 7)
Character played by: Georgann Johnson
Three's Company Script

Mrs. Jack Tripper, Sr., or simply Mrs. Tripper, is the mother of Jack Tripper, and wife of Jack Tripper, Sr. who appeared on Three's Company once, appearing in the episode titled "Extra, Extra" in Season seven. Jack's mother, whose first name is never mentioned, is played by veteran stage, TV and film actress Georgann Johnson.

About Mrs. TripperEdit

Sort of an overprotective, but still loving sort, Mrs. Tripper, who got a wind of the misleading newspaper article written about the roommates by an opportunistic date of Janet's, mistakenly gets the impression that there was more being shared than the rent in Apr. #201; she drops by to implore Jack to move out and with her and her husband, Jack's dad, back in San Diego. Later on when Terri's mother, Mrs. Alden, who hasn't seen the article, drops by, and gets the news, they both accuse each other's offspring of being the offending party in the corrupting of the other roommates! When Jack and Terri confront their moms, and when Janet's columnist date plans to make a retraction of the false story about "hanky panky" that was supposedly going on between them, the mothers agree not to meddle in their affairs again, and the two, who apparently had some friction been each other, sarcastilly and insincerely agree to "do lunch sometime"!

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