Reverend Snow Committee Member

Reverend Snow (Peter Mark Richman) and SMCC selection commitee member (Patricia Barry) converse about his possible appointing as new pastor of the church in Santa Monica on Three's Company.

Mrs. Claremont
Mrs. Claremont
The role of Mrs. Claremont is played by veteran actress Patricia Barry.
Personal Information
Church board member, Santa Monica, CA Community Church (SMCC) Selection Committee
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "The Reverend Steps Out"
(Season 4)
Character played by: Patricia Barry
Three's Company Script

Mrs. Claremont was the head chairperson on the Santa Monica Community Church selection committee who appears in the Season four Three's Company episode titled "The Reverend Steps Out".

Mrs. Claremont and Rev. Snow's meetingEdit

In the episode, Mrs. Claremont, after viewing Reverend Snow's application for the open post at the Santa Monica Community Church, meets with the Reverend, who visits Chrissy and the roommates to break the news, at The Regal Beagle. Rev. Snow (Peter Mark Richman) opts to down the pastor's job when it meant possible scrutiny upon Chrissy, Jack and Janet's living arrangement. Rather than upset Chrissy, who was seriously considering his request to move in with him and her mother upon the possible move to Santa Monica to accept the pastor's job, and realizing that Chrissy had two caring roommates in Janet and Jack, Rev. Snow emphatically withdrew his application for the pastor's job.

Although upon finding out the roommates attempt to conceal their living arrangement from her, Mrs. Claremont had said that the committee would not understand the "sinful" living arrangement of the daughter of the top applicant of the post, Rev. Snow emphatically withdrew his application, throwing the job offer back into the committee chairperson's face! Mrs. Claremont was played by veteran actress Patricia Barry.

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