Mr. Williams
Mr. Williams
Mr. Williams (George Petrie) is an inspector who works for Bart Furley's management company to inspect the apartment complex in the Season 8 episode, "Look What I Found".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Inspector of Bart Furley's rental properties, which includes the Hacienda Palms Apts.
Character information
Appeared on: Guest appearance on Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: Season 8 episode "Look What I Found"
Character played by: George Petrie
Three's Company Script

Mr. Williams is a character in the Season 8 episode of Three's Company titled "Look What I Found". He was played by veteran actor George Petrie.

About Mr. Williams

A hard-nosed, by-the-book building inspector, Mr. Williams is sent by Bart Furley to inspect the apartment complex and to partially spy on Ralph. He gets ready to lower the boom on the roommates and Ralph until he himself is struck by compassion for the extra three kittens the roommates collected to try to appease Muffit (Kaleena Kiff), a little girl who lived in the Hacienda Palms Apartments who lost her kitten, Cuddles, who is found by one of the roommates. When Muffit drops by the apartment to claim her kitten, she immediately recognizes that the group of kittens, which the roommates all got from the nearby pet kennel is not hers; alas, Mr. Furley, who discovered the actual Cuddles, decides to keep him in his apartment, breaking the management's own house rules about pet cats!

Mr. Williams says to the roommates and Mr. Furley, "Let's not tell Bart about this...what he doesn't know doesn't hurt!" In the end, everyone is happy; Mr. Furley keeps Cuddles, Mr. Williams keeps the other kittens, and Muffit decides that she doesn't want a pet cat anymore, deciding instead to get a pet turtle, saying "At least they won't run away!"