Mr. Layton, Larry's boss
Mr. Lathan
Mr. Layton, the wife of Larry's boss, hires Jack as his new live-in chef in the "Three's Company" episode titled "Jack Moves Out" in Season 3.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Used car lot owner/salesman
Larry's boss and owner of the used car lot where he works, whose wife makes passes at Jack, who takes a job as their live in chef after moving out the apartment after an arguement with Janet and Chrissy
Spouse(s): Mrs. Layton
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Jack Moves Out" (Season 3)
Character played by: Jordan Charney
Three's Company Script

Mr. Layton is Larry's boss, whose wife (played by Cynthia Harris) tries to come on to Jack, who moves in with them as their new live-in cook in the episode "Jack Moves Out" in Season 3. The part of Mr. Layton is played by Jordan Charney, who makes his first appearance on the show, and who would resurface on the series in Season 5 in a recurring role as Frank Angelino, Jack's boss at Angelino's Restaurant, and then partner/landlord at Jack's Bistro in Season 7.

About Mr. LaytonEdit

When the fed up Jack, after an arguement with the girls, decides to move out of the apartment, he, on a tip from Larry, suggests that he sees his boss, Mr. Layton, who was looking for a live-in chef to prepare meals for he and his wife. On Jack's first evening on the job, he prepares a coq au vin Van dinner, which Mr. Layton likes. However, what Larry did not tell Jack about, was the vampish ways of amourous, sex-starved Mrs. Layton, who has a reputation of flirting with any man other than her husband that she's introduced to! Mrs. Layton just can't seem to keep her hands and silky pantyhose foot off of Jack; which Mr. Layton, who doesn't realize that his wife is trying to come on to Jack passes off as "she's always friendly who whom she meets!"

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