Mr. Hoffmeier
Dean Travers Mr. Hoffmeier
Dean Travers (William Pierson) and Mr. Hoffmeier (Leon Askin, right) in scene from the Three's Company episode "The Bake-Off".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Local baker, owner of Hoffmeier's Bakery and baking contest judge
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "The Bake-Off" in Season 3
Character played by: Leon Askin in guest appearance
Three's Company Script

Mr. Hoffmeier, a local baker and owner of Hoffmeier’s Bakery, also served as a pie contest judge that Jack's cooking school was to compete in in the third season of Three's Company titled, "The Bake-Off". Mr. Hoffmeier was played by veteran character actor Leon Askin, who is perhaps best known for portraying the character "General Burkhalter" on the TV situation comedy Hogan's Heroes.

About Mr. HoffmeierEdit

Local legend had it, at least according to Jack, that Hoffmeier, the owner of Hoffmeier's Bakery, could smell and/or distinguish the taste one of his pies a mile away, thus, when Chrissy accidentally eats the pie he prepared for a baking contest his school was to compete in, and in which Hoffmeier served as a judge, he opts to withdraw his entry after finding out that Janet, Chrissy, and Mrs. Roper pitched in to replace his entry with of of Hoffmeier's pies. Even after finding out the deception, Dean Travers, who is hungry to win the contest, tries to stop Jack from withdrawing, going into a tug of war with the pie, accidentally hitting Hoffmeier in the face, and setting off a hilarious pie fight!!

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