Mr. Compton
Mr. Compton

J.J. Barry appeared as the hard-nosed, fair but somewhat chauvinistic Mr. Compton, Janet's boss at the flower shop, in two episodes of "Three's Company", appearing in Seasons 2 and 3.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Janet's chavinistic boss at the Arcade Flower Shop
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company in 2 appearances
Episodes appeared in: "Janet's Promotion" in Season 2
"Jack In The Flower Shop" (Season 3)
Character played by: J.J. Barry
Three's Company Script

Mr. Compton was Janet's boss at the flower shop where she worked at in Santa Monica early in the run of Three's Company. The role of the hard-nosed, but sexist boss was played by late character actor J.J. Barry. Mr. Compton appears in two episodes early on in the series' run, first in the second season episode titled "Janet's Promotion", then in the Season three episode titled "Jack In The Flower Shop".

Character descriptionEdit

The character of Mr. Compton was portrayed in the "Janet's Promotion" as chavinistic, unable to look past a woman's physical appearance to look at her credentials, as it was depicted in the hiring of a Chloe Stoutmeyer (Sandra DeBruin). The buxom Chloe, who was just hired by Janet's boss to train in the flower shop under her, had barely been with the job she had as apprentice under Janet for a week when she was unknowingly in line to take the newly opened supervisor job which Janet had worked hard to hopefully get promoted into; Compton, however, had other plans. However, after discovering Compton's true motives, and getting groped by him in a failed sexual advance, decided to quit the job at the flower shop, saying that she didn't want "to play games". Compton eventually buckles and promotes Janet to the supervisory manager position (albeit off camera).

In the episode "Jack in the Flower Shop", Compton still appreciates Janet, who is still looked at as a valued worker. Compton fires Jack, who was hired by Janet to work in the flower shop when Jack forgets to make important deliveries; when questioned by the hard nosed Compton as to why those floral deliveries where missed, Jack, who takes the blame from Janet, who is first questioned, Jack simply explains every time, "I forgot!" When Jack quits and Janet tries to stop him, Compton says, "let him go!"

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