Mona Carmichael
Mona Carmichael
Mona Carmichael (Shirley Mitchell) in the episode titled "Jack's Uncle" in Season 2 of "Three's Company".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
wealthy socialite and companion of Fremont Tripper
mature, perhaps widowed girlfriend/companion of Jack's Uncle who offers marriage to him in Las Vegas, only to be jilted by him
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company guest appearance
Character played by: Shirley Mitchell
Three's Company Script

Mona Carmichael was a wealthy socialite and lady friend of Fremont Tripper in the episode of Three's Company titled Jack's Uncle in Season Two. The part of Mona was played by veteran actress Shirley Mitchell.

About MonaEdit

Mona, who already had a relationship with the erstwhile Fremont, where they travelled and wined and dined together, he as her companion, arrives in Santa Monica with the intent to get him to marry her in Las Vegas with the offer of financial security; instead, Fremont, perhaps feeling the pressure to wed the persistent Mona, who had her limo driver waiting outside of the apartment complex for him, and being the nomadic playboy type that he is, instead opts for his romantic freedom!

Fremont, who was able to coax Mrs. Roper, who believes a story about his talent for investing, into getting Mr. Roper to give back a bad check of $100.00 which he gave to Jack, who gave it to Roper for the rent! Since Jack was still peeved about his bad check passing, Fremont decides to leave; monents after his departure, Mona, bewildered about his jilting her, poses the question to the roommates, "I can't understand that man! I could have given him everything he needed, yet he walks out on me! Where did I go wrong?", Chrissy then responds, "Don't blame yourself! It's not your fault!" Mona responds, "You think so?", Chrissy then says, "Well. he's much too young for you!" Flabbergasted and insulted. she then dashes out of the apartment quickly!

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