TC episode 7x19 - The Apartment

Mr. Angelino's plan for a fling with Daphne Smith (Ilene Graff, right) go awry when Mrs. Angelino drops by Jack's Bistro to check up on him, as he still manages to fool her, having her think that he had just arrived after her!

Mildred Angelino
Kay Freeman as Mildred Angelino
Mildred Angelino, played by Kay Freeman
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Drops by Jack's Bistro to check up on husband Frank, whom she supspects is having an affair with someone, only to Jack and a Daphne, his inteded mistress together, and then her husband, who was hiding behind the door, a moment later
Spouse(s): Frank Angelino
Related to: Francesca Angelino (daughter)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "The Apartment" (Season 7)
Character played by: Kay Freeman
Three's Company Script

Mildred Angelino appears in the Season 7 episode of Three's Company titled "The Apartment". The part of Mildred is played by Kay Freeman.

About Mrs. AngelinoEdit

When Mr. Angelino asks Jack if he could take one the bottles of wine on the wine rack in Jack's Bistro, he doesn't reveal that it was for to purpose of entertaining another woman, as he seeks to sneak an attractive blonde named Daphne Smith (Ilene Graff) up to the room above Jack's Bistro to have an affair with her. What he didn't have in mind was Mrs. Angelino, who apparently suspected her husband of cheating on her, of dropping by to check up on him!

Anyway, when Mildred drops by, Frank, who had just arrived moments earlier to meet up with Daphne, who ran into Jack in the process, was able to hide behind the door, and sneak out into the hallway, as if he had just arrived, behind her back, and then greeting her "Mildred! I thought that was your voice! What are you doing here?", as she responds "I don't know!" as the two leave the bistro together, and Angelino dodges a big marriage bullet!

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