Melody Wilson
Mandy WIlson
Mandy Wilson (Cisse Cameron) was a pretty fellow contestant in a baking contest by which Jack gets aroused, almost exposing his disguise as "Grandma Tripper" in the Season 8 "Three's Company" episode titled "Grandma Jack".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Body type: Shapely
Contestant, also with Jack (posing as Grandma Tripper) in a baking contest where the prize for winning is $3000
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company in guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: in the Season 8 episode titled "Grandma Jack"
Character played by: Cisse Cameron
Three's Company Script

Melody Wilson was a pretty fellow contestant in a baking contest for which Jack, who poses as in drag as "Grandma Tripper", an elderly contestant in order to compete in the contest and win the prize of $10,000, in the episode titled "Grandma Jack" in Season 8. Jack, who began to get aroused by Mandy's looks, almost uncovers his rousse when chatting and joking with the lovely Melody, almost comes on to her, even tickling her knee, which makes Melody giggle, when Janet, who along with Terri, who went along with the deception, snaps Jack back into reality, when she retorts "Grandma, you're beginning to look a little flushed!!!"  In that particular episode the part of Melody is played by actress Cisse Cameron, whose husband, Reb Brown also appeared on Three's Company as Chrissy's boyfriend Elmo in the fourth season episode titled "Ralph's Rival".

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