Terry Kiser Max
Max (Terry Kiser) was a crazy, hot-headed and jealous boyfriend of April, a girl who Jack meets at The Regal Beagle in an episode of Three's Company.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Hot-headed, jealous, crazy steady boyfriend of April
Nemesis to Jack Tripper, whom he threatens at The Regal Beagle
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: "Dying to Meet You" in Season 5
Character played by: Terry Kiser
Three's Company Script

Max was a hot-headed, jealous, crazy steady boyfriend of April, a buxom, redheaded, attractive one time date and black book contact of Jack's, who seeks to protect him from Max, who bullies and threatens Jack and Larry at The Regal Beagle in the Three's Company episode titled "Dying to Meet You" in Season five. Max was played by veteran character Terry Kiser.

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