Lyle Wormwold
Lyle Wormwold
Lyle Wormwold was a con artist who pretended to own a hi-rise apartment complex called "Paradise Towers" in Season 4 of the series.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Con artist who makes a habit out of choking in fancy restaurants to get out of paying for the meals, as well as getting out of paying for cab fares!
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "The Life Saver" Season 4
Character played by: Phil Leeds
Three's Company Script

Lyle Wormwold, a con artist who, after Jack saves him from choking in a restaurant, dupes the roommates, then Mr. Furley, into thinking he owns a swanky hi-rise apartment complex called the Paradise Towers in the 4th seasonThree's Company episode titled "The Life Saver". The part of Lyle is played by veteran stand-up comic/character actor Phil Leeds.

About LyleEdit

Lyle, who makes a practice out of choking in restaurants and feigning other illnesses in order to get out of paying for his meals, or taxicab fares, nonchalantly responds when the roommates, who discover his hustle when Janet remembers him from a month earlier, when someone saved him from choking in another restaurant, "When the waiter finds out that I have no money, he feels bad, and I feel bad 'cause I can't pay; this way, (when he's saved from choking by someone), everybody feels good!"

He even cons Mr. Furley, who picks him up after he slips and falls getting back to the taxicab he took to the Hacienda Palms apartments (Furley paid the taxi driver!) into thinking he was the owner of the fictional Paradise Towers, even offering him a job as manager there; after Furley leaves a message on brother Bart's answering machine insulting his family, dog and telling him what he can do with his job as manager, it takes a little phenagling from Jack, in leaving another message to persuade Bart that Furley had larengitis, and that he sends his warm regards to Bart's family, and also that the previous message left by Ralph was a practical joker, which saves Mr. Furley's job!

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