A Camping We Will Go - Laura and Jack
Laura (Louise Williams), an aspiring actress girlfriend of Larry, tries to impress a sleep-deprived Jack, whom she thinks is a Hollywood producer, in "A Camping We Will Go" in Season 4 of Three's Company.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Tries to impress Jack, whom she thinks, thanks to Larry, is a Hollywood film/TV producer who is shooting a TV commercial
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "A Camping We Will Go" (Season 4)
Character played by: Louise Williams
Three's Company Script

Laura, an aspiring actress girlfriend of Larry who accompanies him on a camping trip with Jack, Janet and Chrissy, appears in the Season 4 episode titled "A Camping We Will Go". The part of Laura is played by Louise Williams, who also appears as Chloe Brown, a stewardess girlfriend of Jack's, in the Season 6 episode "Critic's Choice".

About LauraEdit

Larry wants to take his date Laura, an aspiring actress, camping but she isn't interested, but changes her mind when Larry tells her that Jack is a famous film producer, and that he is also going to be there. When the girls, and Lana, find out about it, they all decide to go.

Laura, in thinking that Jack is a big Hollywood producer, is constantly hounding Jack, who is exhausted and has had no sleep because work between his job and his studies at the cooking school. When she tries to impress him by singing jingles of products in TV commercials she's previously appeared in, asking him "Use me!", the befuddled Jack, who thinks that she's either disturbed or trying to come on to him, lets the cat out of Larry's bag of deceit as it's revealed by him that Jack is a chef, Laura gets angry at Larry and leaves!

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