Karen Roper
Christina Hart as Karen Roper
Christina Hart as Karen, Mr. Roper's Niece, in the appropriately titled "Mr. Roper's Niece".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Is instantly smitten with Jack, who is introduced to her by Mr. Roper, who wants him to show her around town, and thinks that he's safe for her to go out with, as he still thinks he's gay
Related to: Stanley Roper (Uncle)
Helen Roper (Aunt In-Law)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Roper's Niece" (Season 1)
Character played by: Christina Hart
Three's Company Script

Karen Roper, Mr. Roper's niece, appears in the Season 1 episode of Three's Company titled "Roper's Niece". The part of Karen is played by Christina Hart, who later appears on the series as Francesca Angelino, the daughter of Frank Angelino, Jack's boss at Angelino's Restaurant in the Season 6 episode "Boy Meets Dummy".

About KarenEdit

When Mrs. Roper accuses Mr. Roper of showing his visiting lovely redheaded niece Karen a very boring time, Roper decides to introduce Karen to Jack, assuming that, in thinking that Jack is "gay", that he wouldn't "try anything with her". When Roper decides to bring Karen to meet Jack, he is surprised to find she is so beautiful. He asks Karen out and tells Janet and Chrissy he'll be back in time for a birthday party he helped plan for Janet, also for which he even bake a cake. When he isn't, Janet and Chrissy are angry, then realize that they are actually jealous of Karen, who is smitten with Jack from the moment she laid eyes on him!

When Jack, who tries to behave like a "perfect gentleman" in front of Mr. Roper upon meeting Karen, he tries to continue that act in hopes of not tipping off the fact that he's not gay, Karen can see right through his rouse, and wonders why he hadn't tried anything, as she amorously makes an advance upon him, but helps him maintain his deception upon her Uncle Stanley, so he won't get evicted!  

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