Joanna Latham
Sally Kemp as Joanna Latham
Sally Kemp as Joanna Latham
Personal Information
Gender: Female
When she comes out of the bathroom after freshening up needing her dress zipped in the back after receiving cooking lessons from Jack Terri, on a lunch break, thinks that that two were fooling around
Spouse(s): Tom Latham
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Professor Jack" (Season 6)
Character played by: Sally Kemp
Three's Company Script

Joanna Latham hires Jack to give her cooking lessons in the Season 6 episodes of Three's Company titled "Professor Jack". The part of Joanna is played by Sally Kemp.

About Mrs. LathamEdit

When Jack is hired by Mrs. Latham to give her cooking lessons, he tries to teach her first how to make egg rolls, as he starts out teaching her to cook Chinese food.

After their first session, where he samples her dish, he pretends to enjoy the dish; when she goes to the bathroom to change freshen up and change back into her dress, he, as he says, sends the rolls to "egg roll heaven", as he throws them straight from the frying pan to the trash!

Upon their second meeting at the apartment, where he's trying to teach her how to cook pasta, Jack leaves out for a second to go the grocery store, as she takes the break to freshen up in the bathroom. When Terri, who is on her lunch break, decides to drop by the apartment, she's led to believe that there was more than cooking going on between pupil and teacher as Mrs. Lathan comes out of the bathroom, needing her dress to be zipped from the back!

When Joanna praises Jack's teaching "technique", saying that he let her "do it over, and over again!", Terri, in disbelief, mistakenly thinks that he's hired by her as a gigolo; things only get worse when her husband Tom (played by Frank Aletter) drops by, as she thinks he approves of their arrangement!

Sally Kemp as Mrs. Latham with Terri

When Mrs. Latham, who needed to be zipped up after freshing up, and changing back into her dress in the bathroom, praises Jack for his "technique", she means it was for his teaching, not his "lovemaking" as Terri mistakenly thinks!

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