Jenny Wood
Jenny Wood
Jenny, Janet's younger sister, appears in the Season 3 episode "My Sister's Keeper".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Height 5'4"
Hair Color: Brown
Body type: Petite figure/Perky
College Student
Related to: Roland Wood (father)
Ruth Wood (mother)
Janet Wood (sister)
unnamed brother
Hometown Speedway, Indiana, U.S.
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "My Sister's Keeper" in Season 3 of Three's Company
Character played by: Devon Ericson
Three's Company Script

Jenny Wood is Janet Wood's college-age sister who visits the town in the episode "My Sister's Keeper" in Season three of Three's Company. The part of Jenny is played by actress Devon Ericson.

About JennyEdit

Jack offers to show Jenny around when Jenny arrives in town from Indiana. Despite Janet's distrustful concerns, Jack is on his best behavior in showing Jenny around town, a complete gentleman. However, things take a turn when Jack, having been relocated to the couch rather than his own bedroom, takes some medication before sleeping and accidentally winds up back in his own bed with Jenny! After Janet blows up in anger at Jack, she and Jenny argue about big sis Janet being overprotective of her and not trusting her; they eventually make amends, and the misunderstanding about Jack being in bed with her is sorted out and cleared up before Jenny leaves for Indiana again.

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