Jeffrey P. Brookes III
Jeffrey Brookes III
Jeffrey Brookes III was the snobbish new neighbor who reluctantly rents a next door condo which he owns to the Ropers, at the behest of his wife Anne, on "The Ropers" TV series.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Lawyer/realtor/rental property owner
Snobbish realtor who is opposed to the idea of the Ropers, namely Stanley, becoming their new condo neighbors
Spouse(s): Anne Brookes (wife)
Related to: David Brookes (son)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company / The Ropers
Episodes appeared in: Three's Company:
"An Anniversary Surprise"
The Ropers:
28 episodes
Character played by: Jeffrey Tambor
Three's Company Script

Jeffrey P. Brookes III was the snobbish new neighbor of Stanley and Helen Roper who first appears in the Three's Company episode "An Anniversary Surprise" in late Season 3. The character, along with the rest of the Brookes, eventually spun off into The Ropers series. The part of Jeffrey was played by actor Jeffrey Tambor, who also appeared in three other episodes of Three's Company during its run, in different guest roles.

About JeffreyEdit

Jeffrey, a snobbish realtor who is also the Ropers' next-door neighbor in The Ropers series, is very opposed to the Ropers, namely Stanley, which he sees as "boorish", moving into the vacant condo next to his. When Helen answers the ad which was put in by Jeffrey's long-suffering, but down-to-earth wife Anne Brookes (Patricia McCormack), who not only is much more open to the idea of the Ropers moving next door to them, but becomes fast friends with Helen, it is also revealed in the show's pilot (later syndicated as a Three's Company episode), he is not a third-generation namesake, when his wife Ann chides him for the "III" in his name when his father's name is actually Al!! He is forced grudgingly to sell them the condo after his son David innocently reveals the condo isn't sold to someone obvious effort by Brookes to keep the Ropers out. Eventually, as the series moves on, Jeffrey slowly begins to warm up to the Ropers, even tolerating the boorish Stanley.

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