"Janet's Secret"
Season Five, Episode #12
#90 in Series
Series: Three's Company
Network/Country: ABC-TV / USA
Air date February 3, 1981
Production code
Written by Michael S. Baser and Kim Weiskopf
Directed by: Dave Powers
IMDB IMDb logo Janet's Secret
Cast Information
Starring: John Ritter
Joyce DeWitt
Suzanne Somers (credit only)
Don Knotts
Richard Kline
Guest stars: Jenilee Harrison Cindy Snow
Macon McCalman ... as Roland Wood
Paula Shaw ... as Ruth Wood
Sonda Curry ... as Shelley Green
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Janet's Secret is the twelfth episode of Season 5 of Three's Company, and the 90th overall episode of the series.


The roommates play a game of musical beds after Janet tells her visiting parents that she and Jack are newlyweds.

Plot summaryEdit

Janet's father has worried so much about her being single that he has developed an ulcer. To allay his anxiety, Janet has told her parents that she is married - to Jack! But when her parents call from nearby to announce their surprise visit from Indiana, Janet realizes she is in big trouble. Before Jack has a chance to back out of the "marriage," Mr. and Mrs. Wood arrive, wedding present in hand, hinting about grandchildren. To compound the problem, Jack's date for the evening, gorgeous Shelley Green, is already en route by car from Oxnard. Next, Larry, then Furley drop by, and innocently almost blow Janet's cover. But matters really get out of hand when Cindy comes home, and their houseguests' presence forces the trio to make some very strange sleeping arrangements.

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