"Jack to the Rescue"
Season Five, Episode #8
#86 in Series
Jack To The Rescue
The Hadleys offer the fired Cindy her job back in "Jack to the Rescue".
Series: Three's Company
Network/Country: ABC-TV / USA
Air date January 6, 1981
Production code 0502
Written by George Burditt
Directed by: Dave Powers
IMDB IMDb logo Jack to the Rescue
Cast Information
Starring: John Ritter
Joyce DeWitt
Suzanne Somers
Don Knotts
Richard Kline
Guest stars: Jenilee Harrison Cindy Snow
Rod Colbin ... as Charles Hadley
Ruth Manning ... as Harriet Hadley
Nancy Andrews ... as Secretary
Amy Nachbar ... as Sheila
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Jack to the Rescue is the eighth episode of Season 5 of Three's Company, and the 86th episode in the series. Directed by Dave Powers, the episode, which was written by George Burditt, first aired on ABC-TV on January 6, 1981.


Janet learns that Cindy's boss, Mr. Hadley is asking for favors above and beyond the call of duty.

Plot summaryEdit

While Jack is preoccupied in preparing his resume, which Cindy has offered to type, Janet is infuriated as Cindy reveals that she's been acting as an errand girl for her boss, Mr. Hadley. Janet insists that her new roommate stand up to her professional rights. But Cindy's resolve crumbles when Mr. Hadley's next day's greeting includes a bouquet of flowers, and she gladly goes off to fetch his morning coffee. Jack comes to Cindy's office to pick up his resume. However, Mr. Hadley, in search of his coffee, catches Cindy typing for Jack on company time. Jack counters with insulting accusations on Cindy's behalf, even suggesting that Hadley should do all of the errands that he has Cindy performing himself, saying insultingly that he was "fat" and  "could use the exercise"!

When the now befuddled Cindy is promptly given the boot, Jack tries to amend for his meddling in her job situation by returning to the office to try to persuade Hadley into hiring her back, only to catch him "giving dictation", so to speak, to a fellow secretary, Sheila (Amy Nachbar), which gives him an idea, which turns out to be extortion, where, in threatening to tell Mrs. Hadley, he gets Hadley to drop by the apartment to offer to give Cindy her job back!

When the Hadleys drop by the very next evening, Jack arrives home just minutes later. Jack, in telling Janet the good news about Cindy's job, he, not knowing that Mr. Hadley were already there in the kitchen making coffee, and also not knowing that the woman in the living room was his wife, tells how he persuaded Cindy's duplicitous boss to rehire her, explaining how he caught Hadley "behaving badly" with Sheila, sparks really begin to fly, with Jack trying to save face by making an excuse, in saying that he could have mistaken Hadley for someone else, and Hadley, in trying to save face, trying sheepishly to explain to the Mrs. "listen to the boy, he said he could've been mistaken!

Mrs. Hadley then forces Mr. Hadley, who then reneged on his offer, to still give Cindy her job back, with the intent of using her to keep an eye on him. Cindy, not wanting to be in an uncomfortable position as "spy' on her boss, decides not to return to her job, preferring to get another where she feels respected by a boss who she can also respect in return.

Note: Suzanne Somers makes a cameo appearance as Chrissy.

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