"Jack On The Lam"
Season 4, Episode 1
#54 in Series
TC episode 4x1 - Jack On The Lam - Jack in Drag with the FBI agents
When FBI agents Roth and Banning come to the apartment asking for Jack, he's convinced it is because he finagled an early discharge from the Navy and that they intend to send him back to finish his duty in "Jack On The Lam" at the start of Season 1.
Series: Three's Company
Network/Country: ABC-TV / USA
Air date September 11, 1979
Production code 0401
Written by Neil Lebowitz
Directed by: Dave Powers
IMDB IMDb logo Jack On The Lam
Cast Information
Starring: John Ritter
Joyce DeWitt
Suzanne Somers
Richard Kline
Guest stars: Dick O'Neill
James Staley
Rudolph Willrich
Paul Ainsley
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"Triangle Troubles" (Season 3 finale) "Love Thy Neighbor"
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Jack On The Lam is the Season 4 premiere episode, and also the 54th overall series episode. Written by Neil Lebowitz, the episode, which was directed by Dave Powers, originally aired on ABC-TV on September 11, 1979.

Plot summaryEdit

When FBI agents come to the apartment asking for Jack, he is convinced it is because he finagled an early discharge from the Navy and that they intend to send him back to finish his duty. In truth, they want Jack to act as a character reference for an old Navy friend of his, a Ben "Bippo" Miller, who was applying for a government job, and placed Jack, who had made a deal with him while outprocessing out of the U.S. Navy separation camp years earlier, to have his discharge date moved up a week as payment for losing to him in a poker game.

Jack decribes to Chrissy and Janet all that playing poker there was to do there at the seperation camp, he also tells him that he thinks that the FBI agents are there concerning the early discharge, as he thinks the navy found out about it and he's AWOL.

Fearing that the FBI agents are going to turn him over to the U.S. Navy MP's, he devises a plot to pose as a woman, as he borrows clothes and makeup from the roommates and poses as Chrissy, as he winds up going out with Chrissy's blind date, a man named Walter Nessel (O'Neill), who was in town from New York City on business whom Chrissy, who was working as a paid escort, was supposed to go out with on the date.

When Nessel lays eyes on Jack, in drag as "Chrissy", he's instantly smitten with him, or "her" as the two go over to The Regal Beagle for drinks, as Chrissy and Janet meet them there later.

In what almost foils Jack's plan to evade the FBI agents, who've just walked into the pub, he runs into a very drunk Larry, who's so plastered that he can't recognize Jack in drag, as he makes a pass at him; when Jack tries to explain that it's him, Larry at first thinks that Jack has a sister until Jack says "Larry, you cluck...I'ts me...Jack!", as Larry, after Jack  gets him to focus harder, recognizes him and then jokingly says to him "Does this means that Roper was right?"

When Nessel, returing to their table after going to use the restroom, sees Larry nd Jack, as "Chrissy" together, he thinks that Jack, or "Chrissy" is "two-timing him" as he and Larry get into a "war of fighting words", as the girls, who, in a attempt to divert the attention of the FBI agents, who returned to the apartment to try to talk to Jack minutes earler, decide to go the Beagle, where they catch Jack in drag with Nessle and Larry, as Jack reveals, when asked by the agents, who also run into them at that moment, that he posing in disguise as a woman to hide from them, thinking that they were there because his early discharge from the navy and that he was AWOL, as the agents tell him that they needed him to vouch for his old navy buddy Ben as a reference.

When Jack asks the agents, "That's all you mean, you don't want me?!" as a dejected Nessel, in discovering that his "dream date" is a guy in drag. replies, "I wanted you! Oh, how I wanted you!"

When Chrissy reveals to him that she's that blind date that he was supposed to go out with, Nessel, after glancing over at Jack for a monent, says to her, "Thank you...but when you've met the girl of your dreams...that spoils it for other women!", as Jack jokingly says to Chrissy, "Eat your heart out, Blondie!"

Guest stars/Recurring castEdit

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