"Jack's Tattoo"
Season Eight, Episode #16
#166 in Series
Series: Three's Company
Network/Country: ABC-TV / USA
Air date January 31, 1984
Production code
Written by Ron Bloomberg, Prudence Fraser, Al Gordon, and Robert Sternin,
Directed by: Dave Powers
IMDB IMDb logo Jack's Tattoo
Cast Information
Starring: John Ritter
Joyce DeWitt
Priscilla Barnes
Don Knotts
Richard Kline
Guest stars: Bill Cort ... as Dr. Porter
Linda Hoy ... as Nurse Brown
Eleanor Mondale ... as Dr. Fairmont
Judy Walton... as

Nurse Johnson

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Jack's Tattoo is the 16th episode of Season 8 of Three's Company, and the 166th overall episode in the series. Written by Ron Bloomberg, Prudence Fraser, Al Gordon, and Robert Sternin, the episode was directed by Dave Powers. It first aired on ABC-TV on January 31, 1984.


After a wild night on the town with his old navy buddies, Jack discovers he has a tattoo on his derrière. When Jack goes to the hospital to have it removed, Janet thinks he is having a vasectomy and Furley thinks he is having a sex change.


After a drunken night on the town with his navy buddies, a hungover Jack painfully discovers he had a tattoo engraved on his derriere: a heart which reads:" The Love Butt." Seeing his horror, Terri suggests Jack have it removed with minor surgery at the hospital. Jack agrees, but under the embarrassing circumstances, asks Terri not to tell anyone about it. After a series of misunderstandings, Janet thinks Jack is going to have a vasectomy, and Furley is under the impression that Jack is going to have a sex change.

Janet goes to the hospital in hopes of talking Jack out of the operation, but Jack is too doped up to make sense of her pleas. Janet even takes a baby into Jack's room, trying to soften him; but when Furley walks in and sees the baby, he faints. The matter is cleared up when Terri explains the situation to Janet, and Jack moons Furley and the girls.

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