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"In Like Larry"
Season Five, Episode #15
#93 in Series
Series: Three's Company
Network/Country: ABC-TV / USA
Air date February 24, 1981
Production code
Written by Martin Rips and Joseph Staretski
Directed by: Dave Powers
IMDB In Like Larry
Cast Information
Starring: John Ritter
Joyce DeWitt
Suzanne Somers
Don Knotts
Richard Kline
Guest starring: Jenilee Harrison Cindy Snow
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Furley vs. Furley Teacher's Pet
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After getting upset with Janet and Cindy, Larry allows Jack to stay in his apartment while he moves downstairs to live with the girls. Jack comes to miss having his roommates around. Meanwhile, Larry unsuccessfully tries to get closer to the girls.

Plot summaryEdit

Jack is uncharacteristically crabby when he feels that Janet and Cindy are taking him for granted. They, in turn, are fed up with his hot temper. Cleverly leaping at the opportunity to get close to the girls, Larry offers to let Jack stay in his apartment while he gallantly moves into Jack's room. Jack soon misses his marvelous roommates - But Larry is making extraordinary efforts to earn their affections.

Note: Suzanne Somers makes another cameo appearance in this episode. 

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