Steve Sandor-Harvey
Steve Sandor as fitness spa owner Harvey in the episode "Mighty Mouth" in Season 4 of "Three's Company".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Height 5'11"
Hair Color: Sandy Red
Body type: Muscular, stocky/brawny build
Fitness spa owner, of Harvey's Health Spa
Overprotective big brother of Shirley who threatens Jack
Related to: Shirley (sister, instructor at spa)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company in guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: "Mighty Mouth" in Season 4
Character played by: Steve Sandor
Three's Company Script

Harvey is the owner of Harvey's Health Spa, a friend of Janet and Chrissy, and the brother of shapely fitness instructor Shirley, a date of Jack's. The two characters both appear in the Season 4 Three's Company episode titled "Mighty Mouth".

About HarveyEdit

The muscular Harvey, who is friends with Janet and Chrissy, is invited by them for lunch at the apartment; when he gets there, instead of eating a lunch prepared by the roommates, he insists to make his own; a several mixed raw eggs in a glass! Harvey is quite overprotective of kid sister Shirley, who, having designs on Jack, who she met through Janet and Chrissy; when Shirley stops by the apartment moments before to meet Jack, she inadvertantly, in hiding from Harvey, who arrives at the apartment with the roommates, leaves one of her sandals near the living room couch. When Harvey discovers this, he goes beserk!

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