Harriet Hadley
Ruth Manning as Mrs. Harriet Hadley
Mrs. Hadley, played by Ruth Manning
Personal Information
Gender: Female
wife of Charles Hadley, Cindy's boss, former secretary
Forces husband to rehire Cindy after he fires her, and reveals that before they were married she was his secretary and mistress, with whom he cheated on his first wife
Spouse(s): Charles Hadley (husband)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Jack to the Rescue" in Season 5
Character played by: Ruth Manning
Three's Company Script

Harriet Hadley is a character who appears in the Three's Company episode titled "Jack to the Rescue" in Season 5 of the series. The part of Mrs. Hadley, is played by Ruth Manning.

About Mrs. Hadley

Jack, who was getting a resume typed by Cindy as favor for him while she was at work, tries to speak for Cindy to her boss, Mr. Hadley, who constantly has Cindy running errands for him such as getting coffee for him, getting his suits out of the cleaners on her lunch break, and the like. Jack winds up telling him off in telling him "to get his own coffee", which causes Mr. Hadley to fire her.  When Jack returns to the office the next day to try to persuade Hadley to give Cindy her job back, he catches he and Sheila, a fellow secretary, in a "compromising situation"!

Mr. Hadley then, not wanting his wife Harriet, to find out about the tyrst with Shiela, reluctantly visits the apartment with Ms. Hadley offering to give Cindy her old job back, with her not having to run any errands anymore. When Jack, who arrives moments later, lets the cat out of the bag, saying how he caught Mr. Hadley behaving badly with Shiela, Mrs. Hadley then forces Mr. Hadley, who then reneged on his offer to rehire Cindy, to give Cindy her job back, with the intent of using her to keep an eye on him.  Mrs. Hadley then reveals that he used to cheat on his first wife with his secretary, who, as she also reveals, was her!