Greedy Gretchen
Greedy Gretchen Larry Dallas
Greedy Gretchen (Teresa Ganzel) with Larry (Richard Kline) in scene from Three's Company.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Measurements: 36-24-36
Sexy acquaintance who has dated Jack Tripper and Larry Dallas and appears in both of their black books
Character information
Appeared on: Episode appearances in "Lies My Roommate Told Me" in Three's Company
and "Deeds of Trust" in Three's A Crowd
Character played by: Teresa Ganzel
Three's Company Script

Greedy Gretchen is a buxom, sexy, shapely but slightly ditzy blonde acquaintance and black book date contact of Jack and Larry who appeared as Jack's date in the episode of Three's Company titled "Lies My Roommate Told Me" and "Deeds of Trust" in Three's A Crowd.

Gretchen is played by comedic actress and voice artist Teresa Ganzel, who has made appearances on such TV shows as Married...With Children, Night Court, and Mama's Family, and also has appeared in such films as The Toy, Transylvania 6000.


Prior to her Three's Company Season six appearance, Gretchen was often referred to lustfully and anxiously by both Jack and Larry, but never seen; in the Three's Company episode, A nervous and bashful Larry, who was longing to date Terri, tries to persuade Jack to go with him on a double date with Gretchen; he reminds a tired, overworked Jack of Gretchen's buxom body dimensions by saying them to him "36, 24, 36", prompts a suddenly anxious Jack to gleefully chant "Hike!" like a quarterback calling a football play.