Grandpa Tripper
Grandpa and Jack
Grandpa Tripper (Ed Andrews, right) comes to visit Jack (John Ritter, left) thinking that he was a successful doctor in the Three's Company episode titled "Doctor in the House" in Season 6.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Presumably retired business executive
Related to: Jack Tripper
Lee Tripper (grandsons)
Jack Tripper, Sr. (son)
Mrs. Jack Tripper, Sr. (daughter in-law)
Fremont Tripper (brother, presumably)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company in guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: in "Doctor In the House" in Season 6
Character played by: Edward Andrews
Three's Company Script

Grandpa Tripper, Jack's grandfather, visits him and the roommates, Janet and Terri in the Season 6 episode "Doctor In the House". Grandpa is played by veteran character actor Edward Andrews.


Upon his visit to Santa Monica, Grandpa is under the impression that Jack is a successful surgeon/physician at Wilshire Memorial Hospital, where Terri works; Terri allows Jack to "play doctor" in the office of doctor friend, who was away for a few hours. When Grandpa Tripper gets set to visit the hospital where he's led to believe Jack works. Janet also tries to help Jack pull off the deception, which backfires when Mr. Furley, who was hoping to see the doctor whose office they're using about his back, exposes the roommates deception, laughingly when Grandpa Tripper asks if he was there to see the doctor, thinking it was his grandson by saying, "He's no doctor...he's just a fruitcake!" All turns out well when Grandpa is just as willing to accept Jack the sometimes-employed chef as he was the physician.