Grandma Tripper/Jack
Bert Lander Grandma Jack
Jack (John Ritter), posing as "Grandma Tripper" with baking contest judge Bert Landers (Parley Baer) on "Three's Company".
Personal Information
Gender: Male/Jack Tripper made to look female, posing as Grandma
Owner of Jack's Bistro (Jack's profession)/Baking contest contestant as Grandma Tripper
Character information
Appeared on: Appearance on Three's Company in the episode "Grandma Jack" (Season 8)
Character played by: John Ritter as Jack Tripper
Three's Company Script

Grandma Tripper was an alias Jack Tripper used in the Season Eight episode titled "Grandma Jack".

Larry convinces Jack to pose in drag in order to compete in a baking contest which only women could enter to win the prize of $10,000. Jack almost uncovers his ruse when chatting with a pretty fellow contestant, Melody Wilson (Cisse Cameron). When Jack mischievously tickles Melody's knee, Janet warns the suddenly sexually-aroused Jack back, asserting "Grandma...You're beginning to look a little flushed!!"

After Jack wins the contest posing as the elderly Grandma, Bert Landers (Parley Baer), the owner of Landers Baking Company and chief panel judge, who initially took a shine to the geriatric, gray-haired, bifocaled ruse of Jack and the roommates Janet and Terri (Bert, in thinking Jack was Grandma, even makes a pass, saying "I know what's under that dress!"), disqualifies Jack after his wig accidentally comes off while accepting his victory speech!  Needless to say, the contest judges strip him of his victory trophy, take the check back, and escort Jack and the roommates, out of the contest building!