Furley and Gertrude
Mr. Furley tries to resist Gertrude's advances in the episode "Downhill Chaser" in Season 5 of Three's Company.
Personal Information
Ski lodge massuse
Rather large, beefy woman who makes amorous advances on Mr. Furley, who spurns them before getting bent into a question mark by her
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Downhill Chaser" (Season 5)
Character played by: Kate Murtagh
Three's Company Script

Gertrude was a character who appeared in the Season 5 episode of Three's Company titled "Downhill Chaser". The part of Gertrude was played by veteran TV/film character actress Kate Murtagh.

About Gertrude the Masseuse

Mr. Furley, who vacations at the ski lodge with Janet, Jack and Larry, happens to bump into the lodge masseuse Gertrude, a rather large, beefy woman who, at first sight, has the hots for him! Furley spends much of the time at the lodge trying to avoid her, but when she finally catches up with him, he spurns her amorous advances. Next thing you know, his back is twisted, as he walks in a bent position like a question mark, saying "the doctors said my back should be healed within a few weeks!"