Francesca Angelino
Francesca Angelino
Christina Hart as Francesca, Mr. Angelino's daughter
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Is immediately smitten with Jack, whom she runs into in the kitchen at Angelino's Restaurant; is persuaded only when Terri and Janet pose as his wife and ex-wife respectively
Related to: Frank Angelino (father)
Mildred Angelino (mother)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Boy Meets Dummy" in Season 6
Three's Company Script

Francesca Angelino appears in the Season 6 episode of Three's Company titled "Boy Meets Dummy". The part of Francesca is played by Christina Hart, who also appears as Karen Roper, Mr. Roper's niece, in the Season 1 episode "Roper's Niece".

About Francesca

When Mr. Angelino's daughter Francesca drops by the restaurant as Jack is about take off from work to attend a CPR class instructed by Terri, She runs into him, and immediately gets the hots for him. When Mr. Angelino walks in the kitchen moments later, Jack gets in really hot water with him, as Angelino threatens him if he has ideas of making it with her!

Francesca and Dad Frank

Mr. Angelino talking with Francesca about her choices in men, and his wish for Jack, whom she has the hots for upon meeting him, not to be one of them!

Apparently, her dad's threat to Jack doesn't phase her at all, as it seems to make her even more aroused of Jack, since he's now "forbidden fruit!" This now forces him to try to come up with an excuse as to why he couldn't go out with her on a date!

Anyhow Jack comes up with an excuse that he has a "wife" to ward her advances off. When Terri promises to pose as Mrs. Tripper, but is delayed, Jack tries to pawn off the CPR dummy which she was going to use to instruct the class, as his beloved! Janet quickly takes over as his "better half," only to have Terri finally burst in apologizing to her "hubby" for being late! Not only does Jack explain his "two wives" Janet, his present one, and Terri, his ex-wife, as he's fortunately able to persuade Francesca that the two are friendly with one another!

When Mr. Angelino, on a "tip" from Felipe, shows up at the apartment and berates Jack for trying to make moves on Francesca, Terri is able to keep him from firing Jack, by coaxing him into thinking that Jack sent Francesca over to attend her CPR class to help him out, as she persuaded him that he wasn't in exactly the best of health, as Jack, with the help of Terri and the others, wins the Angelino family back into his good graces.