E.Z. Taylor
E.Z. Taylor
E.Z. Taylor is a new head chef, a beach-bum surfer type that Jack hires to work at his bistro on Three's a Crowd.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
New surfer-dude type which Jack Tripper hires as his new chef at Jack's Bistro
Character information
Appeared on: Three's A Crowd
Episodes appeared in: all in series
Character played by: Alan Campbell
Three's Company Script

E.Z. Taylor is a character on Three's A Crowd, the second spinoff series of Three's Company. The part of E.Z. is played by Alan Campbell.

About E.Z.

He is the new chef Jack hires to work at his restaurant, Jack's Bistro. Originally Jack was not very enamored with E.Z.'s easy-going, lackadaisical beach-bum ways on their first meeting in E.Z.'s job interview. As Jack would find out later, he always rides around on a skateboard, including into and around the restaurant! Jack reluctantly hires him as his new chef based upon his extensive resume, which shows he worked in some of the best restaurants in the Santa Monica area. He soon realizes E.Z.'s talents as a culinary genius, despite his "Yeah, Dude!" surfer persona.