Dr. Prescott
Dr. Prescott
Dr. Mark Prescott is a psychologist/motivational coach who appears twice in Season 4 of Three's Company.
Personal Information
Title: Dr. Mark Prescott
Gender: Male
Psychologist/Motivational and Life Coach
Macho-dressing and acting Motivational coach and therapist who sees the roomates and Mr. Furley
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company appearances in the episodes "Jack The Ripper" and "The Root of All Evil" in Season 4
Character played by: Joel Brooks
Three's Company Script

Dr. Mark Prescott was a psychologist and motivational life coach who appeared in two episodes of Three's Company, in the episodes "Jack The Ripper" and "The Root of All Evil" in Season 4. Dr. Prescott is played by character actor Joel Brooks.

About Dr. Prescott

Upon Janet's suggestion, Jack, who was getting tired of getting intimidated by his dealings with Dean Travers at the cooking school, as well as Mr. Furley, decides to see Dr. Prescott, who offered a course on how to "be more assertive", which had the acronym "B.A.R.K." meaning, in layman's terms:

B: Be Somebody
A: Act Like Somebody
R: React like somebody
K: Kollect the Rewards!
(Dr. Brooks, when asked by Jack about not using the letter "C" in the acronym, answered, No, that would spell "barse" !)

In Dr. Prescott's second appearance, "The Root of All Evil", he helps the roommates deal with the tension created by Chrissy's winnings at a horserace track; when questioned by Janet and Chrissy as to where the remainder of the winnings, a portion of which all the roommates used to buy things for themselves, went, Jack explained "The rest went to him (Dr. Prescott)!" Prescott then explains, "You'll be surprised how much doctors charge for this kind of therapy!"