Doug Cooper
Doug Cooper
Doug Cooper, as played by John McCook
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Fashion photographer
gets dumped by Cindy, who tires of his constant critiques of her appearance
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "And Baby Makes Four" (Season 5)
Character played by: John McCook
Three's Company Script

Doug Cooper is a character who appears in the Season 5 episode of Three's Company titled "And Baby Makes Four". The part of Doug is played by John McCook, who later appears on the series as Alan Buckley, the husband of Randy Buckley, an old high school classmate and friend of Janet in the Season 7 episode "An Affair to Forget".

About Doug

At The Regal Beagle, Cindy dumps Doug when his constant criticisms of her appearance becomes too much. And Cindy's waitress friend, Kelly, is quick to converse with her about the "evils of men". Cindy returns home preoccupied by Kelly's decision about marrying the father of the child she's bearing, and unwilling to discuss Doug, further arousing Jack's and Janet's curiosity. And when Cindy asks Janet's opinion of unmarried motherhood, and then borrows baby clothes, the roommates mistakenly conclude that Cindy is expecting, and that Doug is the father!