David Winthrop
Janet and David Winthrop
Janet (Joyce DeWitt) and David Winthrop (Barry Williams) in scene from Three's Company'
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Friend/date of Janet
Related to: Nancy Winthrop (sister)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company in Guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: in the episode titled "Up in the Air" in Season 6
Character played by: Barry Williams
Three's Company Script

David Winthrop is a character in the Three's Company episode titled "Up in the Air" in Season 6. The part of David is played by Barry Williams, who is best known for his role as Greg Brady in the ABC television series The Brady Bunch.

About David

He is the brother of Nancy Winthrop (played by Lauree Berger). He is a customer of Arcade Flower Shop and a romantic interest of Janet.  He invites Janet (and her date) to a very posh/stuffy party at his beach house on a small island off the coast.  Janet invites Jack to attend the party with her.  Jack realizes that they are being flown out on private little plane and is terrified of flying, so Larry gives Jack some of his tranquilizers to calm his nerves for the flight.