David Brookes
David Brookes Evan Cohen
David Brookes, played by Evan Cohen in The Ropers pilot episode.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Ever-inquisitive son of snobbish Jeffrey P. Brookes III and wife Anne who quickly warms up to the Ropers, namely Stanley, much to Jeffrey's chagrin
Character information
Appeared on: The Ropers
Episodes appeared in: 28, all in series
Character played by: Evan Cohen
Three's Company Script

David Brookes is the son of Jeffrey P. Brookes III, the snobbish new landord and next-door neighbor of Stanley and Helen Roper, and his wife Anne on The Ropers spinoff TV series. The part of David is played by former child actor Evan Cohen.

About David Brookes

As Jeffrey and Anne Brookes' little seven-year-old son, The ever-inquisitive David is always asking questions like "Where do babies come from?" Mr. Roper and David seem to warm up to each other, oftentimes, which his dad doesn't approve of, as David, who loves to get candy from people, always seem to get treats from the Ropers which his dad Jeffrey also doesn't approve of. Like his dad, he is an avid comic book reader and collector; both are avid fans of the DC Comics superhero, Aquaman.

At times, in his ever-honest childlike naivete, David often serves a foil to his father Jeffrey's often duplicitous dishonesty. One instance is when Jeffrey, who did not want to rent the vacant next door condo to the Ropers; David innocently reveals the condo isn't sold to someone else, which thwarted an obvious effort by Brookes to keep the Ropers from renting it!