Claudia Bradford
Claudia Bradford
Claudia Bradford, played by Jessica Walter, in the episode titled "Maternal Instincts".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Related to: James Bradford (ex-husband)
Vicky Bradford (daughter)
Character information
Appeared on: Three's A Crowd
Episodes appeared in: 8 episodes in series
First/Last episode appearances:
"Maternal Triangle", Episode #3 (first)
"A Star Is Born", Episode #22 (last series episode)
Character played by: Jessica Walter
Three's Company Script

Claudia Bradford was the mother of Vicky Bradford (Mary Cadorette) and the ex-wife of James Bradford (Robert Mandan) on the Three's Company spinoff series Three's A Crowd, and was played by veteran actress Jessica Walter.  

About ClaudiaEdit

Claudia, who first appears in the episode "The Maternal Triangle", is a little more receptive to the relationship between Jack and Vicky than James, who constantly meddles in their affairs, having bought the land which the Bistro stands on, which made him Jack's landlord, and partial business partner. Claudia, a successful attorney and James still occasionally have arguments, which are seen clearly in Claudia's first appearance, which led to the breakup of their marriage, which explains Vicky's reluctance about marrying right away, after having observed the problems in her parents relationship together.

In the episode "A Foreign Affair", James tries to get out of paying his Claudia alimony, so he arranges for her to met a rich friend of his, with hopes that they would get together. When Jack overhears him making the arrangements, he assumes that James wants to get back together with Claudia so he tries to help hoping that it'll change Vicky's apprehensives feelings about marriage.

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