Janet and Chloe

The shapely, buxom Chloe (Sandra DeBruin, right) drops by to inform Janet that she is quitting her job at the flower shop, due to Mr.Compton's repeated attempts to "study her figure instead of the sales figures".

Chloe Stoutmeyer
Chloe Stoutmeyer
The buxom brunette Chloe was played by actress Sandra DeBruin.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Body type: Buxom
Sales clerk apprentice, then temporary manager at the flower shop where Janet works
Busty unwitting rival to Janet's aspiration of becoming manager at the Arcade Flower Shop
Unappreciative recipient of boss Mr. Compton's advances
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: in the episode "Janet's Promotion" (Season 2)
Character played by: Sandra DeBruin
Three's Company Script

Chloe Stoutmeyer was a buxom new apprentice hired at the flower shop where Janet works in the second season episode of Three's Company titled "Janet's Promotion". Chloe was played by veteran actress Sandra DeBruin.

About ChloeEdit

The lovely Chloe, who was just hired by Janet's boss, Mr. Compton (J.J. Barry) to train in the flower shop under her, had barely been with the job she had as apprentice under Janet, was unknowingly in line to take the newly opened supervisor job which Janet had worked hard to hopefully get promoted into; Her boss, the chauvinistic Mr. Compton, however, had other plans. However, after discovering Compton's true intentions of hiring her for the supervisor job, for which Janet got passed over by Compton, Chloe wound up turning down the job after Compton made a sexual advance towards her while the sulking Janet, who was contemplating a breast enhancement job had taken off of work for a day; Chloe broke the news to Janet and the roommates about Compton and her intentions of quitting her job at the flower shop, dropping by the apartment to let her know that the only thing that the sexist Compton wanted to do when they were supposed to be studying sales figures, was "to study hers!".

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