Chloe Brown
Louise Williams as Chloe Brown
Chloe Brown (Louise Williams), a stewardess girlfriend of Jack's, in "Critic's Choice" in Season 6 of "Three's Company".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Meets Jack at the apartment before then meeting Jason DeFarge, a food critic whom Jack tries to impress with his cooking, whom she winds up leaving the apartment with
Character information
Appeared on: Three's Company
Episodes appeared in: "Critic's Choice" (Season 6)
Character played by: Louise Williams
Three's Company Script

Chloe Brown is a stewardess girlfriend of Jack who meets him at the apartment in the Season 6 episode titled "Critic's Choice". The part of Chloe is played by Louise Williams, who also appears as Laura, an aspiring actress girlfriend of Larry's who tries to impress Jack, whom she thinks is a TV commercial/film director in the Season 4 episode, "A Camping We Will Go".

About ChloeEdit

When Chloe, who is in L.A. between flights, surprises Jack by meeting him at the apartment, it is very bad timing, as he is trying hard to impress a cuisine critic named Jason DeFarge (Jay Garner), who can really make or break a career of a chef or restaurant owner.

When Chloe, who sought hard to meet and spend some "intimate time" with Jack, who forgot about his dinner date with her, misconstrues his seeming indifference to her arrival as he not being interested in being with her, she begins sobbing and then locks herself in the bathroom, refusing to come out! When Furley comes up, wondering what all the noise being made is all about, he, after discovering that Chloe is there and in the bathroom refusing to come out, tries to cajole her out, as she tells him to "go suck an egg", before he then tells her to "stop behaving like a baby" only to have her open the door briefly only to slap his face with her compact! He then tries to pick the bathroom door with his credit card, only to have her take the card! After Furley leaves, upset about the loss of his credit card, Chloe finally comes storming out of the bathroom, still crying, as Jack is about to serve the main course of his dinner he prepared for DeFarge.

When DeFarge, by this time, a drunken mess who was trying to hit on both Janet and Terri in the process, hears her crying, he is still, despite being quite sloshed, able to charm her enough to convince her to go out for a night on the town with him (he compliments her and calls her an "enchantress!"), as the two leave the apartment; the next day, a note is left in Furley's mailbox by she and DeFarge, with his credit card, apologizing about using it, but still saying that they had a great time using it!

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